Monday, 7 July 2014

My First Review

Thank you Rosie Amber!

Happy Manic Monday

Here is the review from Rosie Amber ....5 star review on Amazon!!

Manic Mondays is a contemporary read. Catherine loved Mondays, she loved going back to work when most of the nation hated returning to work on a Monday. She loved being Managing Director of Marketing Matrix. But all that changed one Monday in August.

Husband and business partner James left Catherine and their baby daughter to shack up with the cleaner. At 36 years old he said he needed at break from them both. Shocked to the core Catherine runs away to the city. Alone and seriously depressed, each day is an uphill trudge.

Neighbour Grace has two young children and her own set of problems. Long- standing friend Steve reaches out a supporting arm when he's not flying. But it's Mike Stone who helps Catherine find a place at Dolly Daydreams Nursery for baby Maddy and then a part-time job at the University. He'd also like to get to know Catherine better, but she doesn't want a relationship with a married man.

As the months pass Catherine builds her confidence and makes new friends. She buys a new house and gets a full-time job with a big marketing firm called Sirius, but James realises the mistake he's made and wants her back. Should she go back to him? Maddy needs her Dad, or should she stay in her new home carrying on as a single Mum?

A great book about life as a single parent and the responsibilities it brings.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Manic Monday Novel Writing Workshop

My First Workshop!

Next Monday I will be running my first novel writing workshop in Cowbridge Community College. It will run from 1-3 pm and I will be giving some top tips on inspiration and approaches to writing that elusive novel.

The workshop is a free Taster for a full day I will be running on 15th July, and a 10 week course that will start in the Autumn.

Details are on the Vale of Glamorgan website - click on the link below. If you are out of area and would like some tips please message me with your email address and I will get in touch with you.

Happy writing!!!!

Novel Writing Courses Vale of Glamorgan

Monday, 2 June 2014

Wecome to a June Manic Monday!

Manic Mondays on Kindle!

Manic Mondays is now available for download on Kindle at the amazing price of 99p. Please download your copy and tell your friends, wherever they are they can get a copy in seconds!

...and in a Book Shop!

Last week Manic Mondays went in its first shop window in the market town of Cowbridge in Wales.

Monday, 10 February 2014

My First Talk

Welcome to another Manic Monday

Last Saturday I gave my first talk as an author as part of National Libraries Day. I met a lovely group of people in Barry library, and I talked with them about why I wrote Manic Mondays, how I came to be a writer, and what the novel is about.

I had lots of questions asked, and have now sold all my first batch of books, which is great. I need more because people are asking for copies!

As it was my first talk I asked the audience for their feedback, for which I got a thumbs up! I think there's something in a Monday that everyone can relate to, and women aren't the only ones these days with a briefcase in one hand and a pushchair in the other!

Join Catherine Blake on her journey and buy your copy of Manic Mondays! Have a great week x

Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy Manic Monday!

February already!!

Where did January go?!

I am so pleased that people are enjoying following the journey of Catherine Blake over a year of Mondays as she begins her new life. Both men and women are enjoying the read. Some men have said that it gives a useful insight to how women tick - 'great!' all you women shout!!

Manic Mondays is modern, contemporary fiction. It's about life, the nitty, gritty, ups, downs and funny side this case a woman who starts again.

On Saturday 8th February I will be talking about Manic Mondays in Barry library at 11am. Come along and find out why and how I wrote it, and for writing enthusiasts out there, come and get a few tips.

....It's just another Manic Monday....

Monday, 13 January 2014

A New Year of Mondays

Manic Mondays

A month of Mondays has passed since I wrote my Monday blog. (Note to self - Christmas is no excuse for not blogging!) 

It has been an exciting month for Manic Mondays! It has seen the book printed in physical form, and distributed for people to read. Some readers know me well and some don't know me personally at all. I have been delighted and astounded by some of the wonderful feedback I have received.. Comments include: 'I really connected with the characters,'...'I want Steve to be my best friend'...'You have a real talent for plot and write as well as well known authors,'...I didn't expect the ending to be as it was,'...'I was sad when it ended.' I have been bowled over. As they say...I am my own worst critic.

Manic Mondays is available to buy on Amazon which is also where I would love people to support me by putting a few comments for would-be buyers as a review.

Catherine Blake started the second week of January with an interview at the University. I wrote her future, and you can write your own.....

Have a great day, and a great week! xx

Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Birthday Manic Mondays!

Happy Birthday to you....!

It was a very proud lady who went to Candy Jar offices on Thursday last week to sign her first books! I wasn't sure what to write! So I wrote 'lots of love', and 'Happy Manic Mondays', and 'I hope your Mondays are merry and bright' (well it is nearly Christmas!). On Saturday I signed more books at a Christmas Fayre, and this time I asked people how they liked their Mondays before signing. Funnily, most people said 'off work'.
It is lovely to see my book next to Eileen Younghusband's - the most amazingly dynamic and talented 93 year old I have met!
Happy Birthday Manic Mondays! Party and cake in the New Year!