Monday, 16 December 2013

Happy Birthday Manic Mondays!

Happy Birthday to you....!

It was a very proud lady who went to Candy Jar offices on Thursday last week to sign her first books! I wasn't sure what to write! So I wrote 'lots of love', and 'Happy Manic Mondays', and 'I hope your Mondays are merry and bright' (well it is nearly Christmas!). On Saturday I signed more books at a Christmas Fayre, and this time I asked people how they liked their Mondays before signing. Funnily, most people said 'off work'.
It is lovely to see my book next to Eileen Younghusband's - the most amazingly dynamic and talented 93 year old I have met!
Happy Birthday Manic Mondays! Party and cake in the New Year!

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